Tank cleaning service in karachi

J.k tank cleaning Service is a Karachi Based, family owned operated business with a passion to create a positive impression on Client . We tend to use our data and plenty of years of expertise. we tend to use best effective chemical ,innovative, non-toxic technology to life.

We continue to try to maintain excellence in our profession with performing our job within exactly on fix time period. Time boundness and perfectness is our objectives.

V Stage Cleaning Process:
Stage I–Cleaning of Surroundings:
Stage II– Dewatering:
In this stage by scrubbing the water tank we do manually remove the dirt, fungus and hard stains from
Stage III-Sludge Removal:
On our Third stage we will make solution of chlorine and it will be thrown on the walls of tank as the stuck dust (fungi, algae) will be loose.
Stage IV-Scrubbing:
The walls will be rubbed with brush.
Stage V-High Cleaning with Fresh Water:
The whole floor will be cleaned by the fresh water.
AlWe will arrange. e.g: Motor, Brush, Staff Safety Kit.
Components of Tank Cleaning Kit
Brush & Mop
We Provide services all kinds……..

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